Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's a Girl !!!

That's right I didn't post pictures of our wedding or our new house, but here is an attempt to be better.  We are having a Girl. Due August 29th.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Engaged !!

You would think I would post on this more - since it has been over a year since my last post.  Anyway I'm sure you all know I'm engaged from looking at facebook, but I thought I would add the story.

We went to Ben's brothers house for Christmas and I thought for sure the ring would be in my stocking, turns out it wasn't.  Then after all the family things in the morning, he took me for a drive up the book cliffs in Grand Junction,  they were so pretty all covered with snow.  We stopped at the first look out and wandered around.  No proposal.  Then at the second lookout he said we needed to head back because he had to use the bathroom.  I was thinking " well I guess he is going to wait till New Years"  Just as I thought that I turned around and he was down in the snow on his knee.  It was very sweet. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Ok so I need to get better pictures - because everyone who has seen my Jeep knows it is WAY taller and looks WAY cooler. I will get some better when it is warm outside again. I think I will go to the dealership and take a picture right next to a brand new one.

Other than that things are going good in my neighborhood. I am scheduled to get Lasik on Feb 2. Work it going good. A little stressful, but that just means I have some job security. Tara, Ben, and I went to NY over thanksgiving, I still need to post some pictures - I will have to do that as well.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Well, we didn't take pictures during the process, but here are the results.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Washer/Drier Pedistal

This is the coolest pedistal. I absolutely love it and it was only 120 bucks. Instead of the 500 they want for the ugly ones that match the washer and drier.
Measure your washer and drier and decide how big you need your pedistal. plus how high you want it off the floor. Buy the supplies - I had Home Depot cut all my wood - they have beter saws and they do it for free.
Next build two boxes - 2x4 and 3/4 inch MDF particle board. I used nice long screws to connect the 2x4s and then shorter 1 1/2 inch to secure the top.
Add the 4x4 legs. The DIY I was following said to attach to the very edge of the box on top of the edge of the 2x4s, but it is way sturdier to do it inside the 2x4 plus it gives it depth as you will see in later pictures.

OK so this picture has several steps. First screw the two sections together. Then I added some nice trim. It didn't come in the exact size to cover the MDF and the 2x4 so I got larger and just ripped the edge to make it the exact size. then I also added some quarter round to the bottom edge of the pillers to make it look cooler.

Lots of wood filler and lots of sanding - make sure you get your screws sunk in well or they will show. - then do more and more sanding until it looks perfect.

Tape and paint.
Buy these, they are chair leg stopper things. I just found some the right size and put a screw in the middle where the leg will rest. That way your sure they won't vibrate off the pedistal. Easiest way to install is to get the washer and drier on the pedistal, close to where you want it located - this thing is heavy, and you will want some MAN power to get the washer up. Then just mark where you want the stoppers and tip the washer and drier and screw the stopper in the exact location. Measureing didn't quite work and we ended up moving them anyway.Move into place and connect all the hoses and plugs. Add baskets - which I will put cute covers on sometime. And your done. We did this in one weekend so its not too bad.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Doll House

I bet you all thought I had quit working on the doll house - nope - I just finished all the building part. Now comes the fun - painting and making it look cute.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Toxic Toilet Gas

STOP!!! Watch the Video

OK see weird - toxic gas. So here is the story..... Once upon a time Cindy Lou Who bought a new condo, where everything was suppose to work perfect and have no issues for hopefully 5 long years. Well that's not what happened. The first time she took a shower, the toilets bubbled violently, and did so for the next month. Yes she was a good girl and let the builder know, but it just kept happening. So one day when the toilet would not flush she called the builder's plumber her self, and got the answering machine. Home from a lovely day at work she entered her now not so pleasant smelling condo. YUCKY POO!! Call the builder! Call the builder! Get the emergency number for the plumber. Oh yeah they will be by the next day while she is at work to fix the smell and whatever else it wrong with the toilet. If only I had pictures to show you the carnage. Yep, no one lives below Cindy and no one lives below them. So for how long has Cindy Lou Who's sewage been running down in the condos below, OVER A MONTH!! That's gross. Lucky for Cindy Lou Who she lives on the third floor and her house now smells like a house should smell. And the two units below, well they have no more carpet, no more trim, and are missing some walls. Sorry builder. Good thing Cindy Lou Who has a 1 year builder waranty and doesn't have to pay for it....